Below is the digital (printable) version of our 2022 Zine Catalog. We only mail orders to people in prison, jail, or detention. If you would like us to mail a catalog to a loved one or contact who is imprisoned, please send their address to or have them write us at True Leap Press (cc: Zine Distro) PO Box 6045 Concord CA 94524.

The catalog is digitized below for your printing/sharing. Previous years’ catalogs can be found archived on our homepage, as well as some sample selections of zines we’ve carried over the years.

Our extended 2022-23 catalog additions can be found here

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Recently, our P.O. Box has been relocated to Concord, California. All requests for literature and questions can be directed to True Leap Press Zine Distro, P.O. Box 6045 Concord, CA 94524.

* indicates an author imprisoned at the time of writing, or contains writing by imprisoned authors

  1. Black August: Origins, History, and Significance
  2. Black August: a story of Africa Freedom Fighters – Kiilu Nyasha
  3. Black Liberation and the Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex – Interview with Rachel Herzing
  1. People in Prison Organize Collectively. We All Need to Learn How: Interview with Monica Cosby and Kelly Hayes
  2. Ain’t I A Prisoner, Too? – Stevie Wilson*
  3. Print Media and Prison Activism/ 10 points for outside prison activists – Stevie Wilson*
  4. The Pandemic Inside: COVID-19 in Michigan Prisons – Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity*
  5. Reach Out and Grasp – a @PrisonKills Zine*
  6. “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win”: U.S. Prisoners Collectively Resisting Against Systems of Death – Colleen Hackett and Ben Turk
  7. Every Crook Can Govern: Prison Rebellions as a Window to the New World – George Ciccariello-Maher
  8. Down: Reflections on Prison Resistance in Indiana
  9. Invisibility of Women Prison Resistance – Vikki Law
  10. Pierce the Future for Hope: Mothers and Prisoners in the Post Keynesian California Landscape – Ruth Wilson Gilmore
  11. What if Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now had covered the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March? – Donald “C- Note” Hooker*
  12. The Fire Inside*
  13. Let the Crops Rot in the Field – Free Alabama Movement*
  14. Freedom First! – Firewhawk and Ben Turk*
  15. Destroy All Prisons Tomorrow – Incarcerated Worker’s Organizing Committee (2017)
  16. If the Future is Now: Revolutionary Abolitionist Art and Praxis from the Underside of White-American Civil Society – Sharky Garcia*
  17. Not Worker, But Chattel – Ivan Kilgore*
  18. Never Surrender – K G (poem)*
  1. Radical Resistance for Prison Abolition – Comrade Frank Talk*
  2. On Identity, On Revolution – Komrade Underground*
  3. Insurrxnl Mixtape: Vol. 1*
  4. This Means W.A.R. (We Are Responding) – Manifesto from Florida Prisoners
  5. Revolution: The Prison Rebellion Years, 1968–1972 – Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier
  6. Radicalism: Unions, Feminism, and the Crisis of Prison Managerialism, 1972–1980 – Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier
  7. Retrenchment: Mass Incarceration and the Remaking of the Prison Movement, 1980–1998 – Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier
  8. Political Prisons, Prisons, and Black Liberation – Angela Davis (1971*
  9. Death on the Yards: The Untold Killings at Soledad and San Quentin
  10. Remembering the Real Dragon: An Interview with George Jackson*
  11. George Jackson, Soledad Brother (part 1)*
  12. George Jackson, Soledad Brother (part 2)*
  13. George Jackson, Blood in My Eye (part 1)*
  14. George Jackson, Blood in My Eye (part 2)*
  15. Art Attack: The Artwork of Kevin Rashid Johnson*
  16. Kill Yourself or Liberate Yourself: The Real U.S. Imperialist Policy on Gang Violence vs. The Revolutionary Alternative – Kevin Rashid Johnson (2011)*
  17. George Jackson Lives, Volume 1 – Kijana Tashiri Askari*
  18. George Jackson Lives, Volume 2 – Kijana Tashiri Askari*
  1. George Jackson Lives, Volume 3 – Kijana Tashiri Askari*
  2. George Jackson Lives, Volume 4 – Kijana Tashiri Askari*
  3. An Updated History of the New Afrikan Prison Struggle – Sundiata Acoli*
  4. A Brief History of the Black Panther Party and its Place in the Black Liberation Movement – Sundiata Acoli*
  5. How COINTELPRO Helped Destroy the Movements of the 1960s / The Black Panther and its Annihilation by COINTELPRO
  6. Lessons from COINTELPRO – Claude Marks and Kelah Bott
  7. Interview with Sundiata Acoli*
  8. Women in Prison: How it is With Us? – Assata Shakur (1978)*
  9. Message to the World from Assata Shakur
  10. U.S. Keep Your Hands Off Assata
  11. Coming of Age: A New Afrikan Revolutionary – Safiya Bukhari
  12. Incommunicádo: Dispatches from a Political Prisoner – Marilyn Buck*
  13. Dykes and Fags Want to Know: A Written Interview with Lesbian Political Prisoners*
  14. Martin Sostre in Court*
  15. Martin Sostre Letters from Prison*
  16. Back from Hell: Black Power and Treason to Whiteness Inside Prison Walls – Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin*
  17. We Who Stand the Most – Hybachi Lemar*
  18. How Prisoners Use Zines to Empower Themselves to Subvert the Prison-Industrial Slave Complex – Anthony Rayson
  1. Ideas and Tips for Organizing Letter Writing Events – Survived & Punished (2019)
  2. Prisoner letter writing & support – Detroit Anarchist Black Cross
  3. Writing to Prisoners Frequently Asked Questions
  4. From the Prison of Slavery to the Slavery of Prison – Angela Davis
  5. Inventing the Savage: the Criminalization of Native People – Luana Ross
  6. Globalization and U.S Prison Expansion – Ruth Wilson Gilmore
  7. The Prison Industrial Complex and the Global Economy – Linda Evans and Eve Goldberg
  8. Containing the Crisis: A History of Mass Incarceration in the Rustbelt
  9. Celling Black Bodies: Black Women in the Global Prison Industrial Complex – Julia C. Oparah
  10. Policing and Gentrification –Autonomous Tenets Union (Chicago)
  11. Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color – Andrea Richie
  12. Improvising on Reality: The Roots of Prison Abolition – L. Samuels
  13. Instead of Prisons: a Handbook for Abolitionists – Prison Research Education and Action Project
  14. The Challenge of Abolition: An Interview with Angela Davis
  15. What is Abolition? – Critical Resistance
  16. Abolitionist Thumbnail Definitions
  17. CR-INCITE! Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex (2003)
  1. The Abolitionist, Issue #30 Release Party – “Tearing Down the Walls from Both Sides” (2019)
  2. Who’s Left: Prison Abolition – a Mariame Kaba Comic
  3. “Mass Incarceration” Reform as Police Endorsement – Dylan Rodríguez
  4. Queers Imagine a World Without Police
  5. Police Abolition 101
  6. Building an Abolitionist Trans and Queer Movement with Everything We’ve Got – Morgan Bassichis, Alexander Lee, and Dean Spade
  7. Transforming Carceral Logics: 10 Reasons to Dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex Through Queer/Trans Analysis and Action – S. Lamble
  8. Abolition in Action (Spring 2019)
  9. Abolition in Action (Winter 2020)
  10. A Growing Asian American Movement Calls for Prison Abolition – Karyn Smoot & Andrew Szeto
  11. Free Us All: Participatory Defense Campaigns as Abolitionist Organizing – Mariame Kaba
  12. #SurvivedAndPunished: Survivor Defense as Abolitionist Praxis – A collaborative Toolkit created by Love and Protect / Survived and Punished
  13. Racial Capitalism and Prison Abolition
  14. White Supremacy in the Movement to Abolish the Prison Industrial Complex – Liz Samuels
  15. The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal – Frank Wilderson
  16. On Confronting Anti-Blackness in Our Communities (2015) – Brown and Proud Press + Moonroot
  1. Maroon Abolitionists: Black Gender Oppressed Activists in the Anti-Prison Movement in the US and Canada – Julia C Oparah
  2. In the Belly: an abolitionist journal Vol. 1 (2020)*
  3. In the Belly: an abolitionist journal Vol. 2 – Black August (2020)*
  4. In the Belly: an abolitionist journal Vol. 3 – (2021)*
  5. In the Belly: an abolitionist journal Roundtable on The Imprisoned Black Radical Tradition (2021)
  6. In the Belly: an abolitionist journal Poetry Issue No. 1 (2021)*
  7. Chicago Books to Women in Prison Order Form
  8. First Amendment Rights Primer on Prison Censorship
  9. Anarchist Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games – Harold Thompson*
  10. Handbook Surviving Solitary Confinement – Khalfani Malik Khaldun*
  11. How to Use a Law Library – J. Salerno*
  12. Criminal Law Concepts – J. Salerno*
  13. Jailhouse Lawyers Speak: Information Guide (2020)*
  14. Jailhouse Lawyers Speak: Call for #ShutEmDown 2022 Prison Strike*
  15. Steel Sharpens Steel #2: Starting Up Study Groups in Prison – Cayote*
  16. Death 2 Authority*
  17. Consensus Decision Making
  18. Meeting Facilitation: The No-Magic Method
  19. Starting an Anarchist Black Cross Group: A Guide (2018)
  20. COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet (prison mailer)
  21. Mapping Our Madness – The Icarus Project
  22. Friends Make the Best Medicine – The Icarus Project
  1. Sick of It: A Disability Inside/Outside Project, Issue #1 (2020)
  2. Sick of It Issue #2 (2021)
  3. Sick of It Issue #3 (2021)
  4. We Keep Us Warm (pamphlet)
  5. Navigating Trauma – Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
  6. It’s Vacant, Take it!: A Homes Not Jails Squatting Zine (3rd ed)
  7. Coping with Snitch Culture Historical Examples Current Proposals
  8. Anatomy of A Snitch: A Warning to the Streets*
  9. Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists
  10. Security and Counter-Surveillance: Information Against the Police State
  11. Anonymity: Security
  12. Counter-info: A How To
  13. Frantz Fanon’s On Violence
  14. The Real Resistance to Slavery in North America – Russel Maroon Shoatz*
  15. Slave Revolts: as the earliest form of labor struggle – Sylvia Wynter
  16. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance – Gord Hill
  17. Same Shit, Different Day: White Pestilence and the Early Military Movements of New World Frontier Conquest
  18. Take Your Freedom: Black Autonomy and Abolition is Our Birthright
  19. Anarkata: A Statement (2019)
  20. The Left Has a Misogynoir Problem: Anti-Blackness at the Midwest Leftist Assembly – Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas
  21. To the Ones Who Can Fly: A Message from the Whirlwind (2020)
  22. Reading the Message: Study, Solidarity, Spirit, and Struggle
  23. Wild Thing Wisdom – Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas (2021)
  24. Militant Flamboyance: A Brief History of Stonewall Riots and Other Queer happenings
  25. Out of the Closet and Into the Streets: A Second Collection of Radical Queer Moments
  26. Lesbianism: as an Act of Resistance / Uses of the Erotic as Power
  27. Feminism is For Everybody – bell hooks
  28. Social Detox: Resources for Anti-Sexist Men
  29. Let’s Talk about Consent Baby –Down There Health Collective
  30. Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements
  31. With Allies Like These: Notes on Privilege Reductionism
  32. The Art of Escalation: Becoming Ungovernable on a Day of City-wide Transit Action (2020)
  33. Taking Direct Action to #FreeThemAll: From Stateville Prison to the Front Yard of its Warden (2020)
  34. #FreeHeartlandKids: Migrant Detention Facility Under Construction Stormed in Chicago on May Day (2020)
  35. Archipelago (Midwest, 2012)
  36. Dispatches from Ferguson (2014)
  37. To Struggle Means We’re Alive: prisoners speak out on Ferguson, Baltimore, and the ongoing revolt against the police
  38. When They Say Peace & The Making of “Outside Agitators”
  1. Dispatches from Standing Rock (2016)
  2. Uprooting Colonialism – Indigenous Action Media
  3. Defend the Territory: Tactics and Techniques for Countering Police Assaults on Indigenous Communities
  4. 10 Steps for Setting Up a Blockade
  5. The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis: An Account and Analysis (2020)
  6. Protests Sweep across all 50 states in the U.S. and many counties abroad: Read all about it!
  7. Uprisings Continue from May 26th into Second Month: Read All About It
  8. Anatomy of a counter-insurgency: Efforts to undermine the George Floyd uprising – Martin Schoots-McAlpine
  9. Notes from the Rockford Rebellion: Commentary on Black Revolt in the Rustbelt from a New Afrikan Anarchist Perspective
  10. Fire On Main Street: Small Cities in the George Floyd Uprising – Shemon, Arturo, and Atticus
  11. In Defense of Smashing Cameras
  12. Insurrectional Abolitionism: Part I – Tearing Down Icons, Tearing Down Institutions / Smash Apartheid Chicago
  13. Anarchist and Insurgent Critique of Recent Protest Tactics – Monadists
  14. Building a Midwest Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – Black Ink (2021)
  15. Towards Communism and Anarchy in Rockford (2021)
  16. Ungovernable: An Interview with Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  17. The Commune: Community Control of the Black Community – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  1. Building a Community-based Antifascist Movement (2018) – Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin
  2. Fascism and Anti-Fascism: A Decolonial Perspective – Indigenous Action Media
  3. Ediciones Inéditas: An Anthology of Original Essays by Ediciones Inéditas (2019)
  4. Communist Measures: Thinking A Communist Horizon – Leon de Mattis (2014)
  5. Words Mean Things: Mutual Aid – Anathema (2020)
  6. 909 Crew’s On Practice – Anarchy in the Burbs
  7. Affinity Groups: Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization
  8. The Progressive Plantation: Racism Inside White Social Change Organizations – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  9. To Tramps, the Unemployed, the Disheartened, and Miserable – Lucy Parsons
  10. Why I am an Anarchist – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  11. The Ghettobred Anarchist – Hybachi Lemar
  12. Attacking Prison at the Point of Production: A Brief Look at Militant Actions Against the Prison-Industrial Complex
  13. Black Armed Joy: Some Notes Toward a Black Theory of Insurrectionary Anarchy
  14. Solidarity and Revolt Across Borders
  15. Solidarity Means Attack – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
  16. Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism – Sasha K.
  17. Individual projectuality and affinity: the nature of affinity groups
  18. Archipelago: Affinity, Informal Organization, and Insurrectional Projects (2012)
  19. Smash Pacifism – Indigenous Action Media
  1. Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the ally Industrial Complex – Indigenous Action Media
  2. Six Reflections on an Abolitionist Strike at the University of Michigan – Black Ink
  3. Insurrectional Abolitionism: Part 2 / Vistas of Militancy Against the Police on a Midwest University Campus
  4. Concrete Practical Experience: Lessons from University Campus Takeovers
  5. The Political Logic of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex – Dylan Rodríguez
  6. Electoral Politics is Not a Gateway Drug
  7. WHY I LEFT THE PSL… or the DSA or Socialist Alternative or whatever – Filler Distro
  8. Give Up Activism
  9. H8ters Magazine Issue #1
  10. Propter Nos Vol. 1 – Reflections on the “Movement Moment” (2016)
  11. Propter Nos Vol. 2 – Insurgency/Exhaustion (2017)*
  12. Propter Nos Vol. 3 – Anti-/Non (2019)*
  13. Propter Nos Vol. 4 – Invention (2020)
  14. True Leap Press – Catalog 2022
  15. True Leap Press – Catalog 2021 (amended)
  16. True Leap Press – Catalog 2020-2021; featuring an interview with Stephen Wilson*
  17. True Leap Press – Catalog 2019*
  18. Each One Teach One: Chicago Local Organizing Committee of the Black Autonomy Federation
  19. ABO Comix Zine #1: The Food Edition*
  20. ABO Comix Zine #2: Invention Edition*
  21. The Open Road Interview with Martin Sostre

207. Don’t Step Back, fight Back: Proposals for a Coalition/Campaign Against Prison Censorship and Book Banning

Additions to the catalog (late-2022)

  1. Move Like Mycorrhizae: Some Suggestions for Praxis
  2. Campaign Against Prison Censorship and Book Banning, Issue #1 (available for request late-November 2022)*
  3. Survey on Prison Censorship and Book Banning (available late-November 2022)
  4. The Final Straw Radio: Special Episode – Shut ‘Em Down 2021
  5. The Final Straw Radio: A Weekly Anarchist Show – catalog of transcribed radio episodes
  6. 602: Disposability, Risk, and Solidarity in CDCR by Jenna Thompson-Vasquez and Heriberto “Sharky” Garcia*
  8. Ruth Wilson Gilmore- From Military Industrial Complex to Prison Industrial Complex
  9. Against Carceral Feminism by Vikki Law
  10. Practicing Abolition, Creating Community – Project NIA
  11. Learning to Exhale by Leila Raven
  12. Community Accountability/Transformative Justice Informational Page – Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective
  13. Pods and Pod Mapping Worksheet by Mia Mingus
  1. Anarchist Agitation and Community Building by Ronald A. Young*
  2. An Anarchist Organizing Manual
  3. Anarchy Live: The Writings of Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble*
  4. Direct Action: Toward an Understanding of the Concept
  5. Cookie Cutter Counter-revolution: on the politics of organizing by the Furious Five Collective
  6. Anonymity/Security
  7. Perilous Chronicles: Reports on Revolt in Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers (January – October 2022)
  8. “Working for you, me, we, us, and them”: On the non-profit industrial complex
  9. Against Hired Guns: in which a crew of organizers who’ve struggled together against the violence of policing in Oakland reflect and strategize
  10. Gentrification and State Violence: Interview with SF Anti- Displacement Activists
  11. Take Your Freedom: Black autonomy and Abolition is Our Birthright
  12. Workin On it: Ways to tokenize/alienate a non-white person – Forum dispatches from
  13. Queer This, Faggot That: SoCal Genderqueer Manifesto
  14. Another Word for White Ally is Coward
  15. Another Word for Settle
  16. Representation and Power – George Floyd Solidarity in the Bay Area by Anarchist People of Color
  17. Fire on Main Street: Small cities in the George Floyd Uprising
  18. On anonymity, claims and reproducibility of actions
  1. Black Fighting Formations: Strengths and Weaknesses*
  2. The Black Liberation Struggle in Philadelphia: An Interview with Russell Maroon Shoatz*
  3. The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methods by Russell Maroon Shoatz*
  4. Dreams of Black Revolt: Reflections on the Two Year Anniversary of the George Floyd Rebellion
  5. The Vengeance of Vertigo – Frank B. Wilderson
  6. Black Anarchism: A Talk by Ahanti Alston
  7. Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin – A Short Proposal for the Black Panther Movement
  8. Anarchist and Marxist: the Social and Political Thought of Abraham Guillen
  9. George Jackson: Black Revolutionary by Walter Rodney
  10. Keep Sabotaging Shit: Relating to the words of Winston “Boogie” Smith
  11. Collective Action Behind Bars: A history of Jail Solidarity and its Importance for Today’s Social Change Movements
  12. The Diary of Bobby Sands*
  13. Who Was Bobby Sands?
  14. The New Prisoner – Martin Sostre* (English/Spanish)
  15. “Tweaking Armageddon” – The Potential and Limits of Conditions of Confinement Campaigns by Rachel Herzing
  16. In the Belly: an abolition journal NEW ISSUE Fall 2022!*

2023 Additions

  1. Insurrxnl Mixtape: Vol 2*
  2. Escaping Tomorrow’s Cages: A Strategy for Stopping Prison Expansion
  3. NATIONAL PRISONER RESOURCE LIST – Lucy Parson’s Bookstore
  4. On the Prospect of Weaponized Death – John Gillespie (2017)
  5. Answering to Martin Sostre’s Ghost – Stephen Wilson*