INSURGENCY / EXHAUSTION For a digital copy of the issue click HERE! (edition revised for print, 10-23-17) This issue of Propter Nos offers a collection of essays, poetry, artwork, and prose that meditates on the interrelated phenomena of insurgency and exhaustion. We use the term “insurgency” to describe an approach to political struggle that is comprised of [...]

Download, print, share and circulate our statement in PDF form HERE          True Leap Press is a radical publishing collective based in Chicago, Illinois. We support the intellectual struggle and advocate for the building of mass-based projects for antiracist, anticapitalist, and antipatriarchal political education. Our collective encourages any-and-all forms of revolt and [...]

Lucy Parsons' selected writings in A Thousand Rioters Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin's Anarchism and the Black Revolution George Ciccariello-Maher & Jeff St. Andrew's "Every Crook Can Govern: Prison Rebellions as a Window to the New World" Keramet Reiter's "The Pelican Bay Hunger Strike: Resistance within the Structural Constraints of a US Super-max Prison" Firehawk & Ben Turk's Freedom [...]

by Katherine McKittrick and Alexander G. Weheliye   This essay  was originally published in PROPTER NOS. Free PDF download of this article HERE!   In an article about the Roland TR-808, discontinued by Roland in 1984, Kurt James Werner, Jonathan S. Abel, and Julius O. Smith III, write that the drum machine was “considered somewhat of a [...]

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross is an anarchist organization based in Chicago, IL. The Anarchist Black Cross has been an underground movement at the forefront of solidarity efforts for political prisoners and prisoners of war. Mail can be sent to: Chicago-ABC, 1321 N. Milwaukee Ave., PMB 460, Chicago, IL 60622. Free PDF download HERE! Free PDF download HERE! True [...]

Heriberto “Sharky” Garcia is a political prisoner incarcerated at New Folsom, CA.  He can be reached by mail at: Heriberto Garcia, #G36724, Facility/Bed C-6-112, California State Prison-Sacramento, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671. free pdf download HERE! [letter dated 4-16-17] Revolutionary Greetings to You. My name is Heriberto Garcia. I’m a politikal prisoner that holds the [...]