Below is a list of hyperlinks to a broad array of literature by Sylvia Wynter, including articles theorizing her work and assessing her place in the history of the Black Radical Tradition. They are listed in no particular order. It is not a conclusive bibliography.

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“We Know Where We Are From”: The Politics of Black Culture from Myal to Marley

Beyond the Categories of the Master Conception (CLR James Essay #1)

The Ceremony Must be Found: After Humanism

Black Studies Manifesto

On How We Mistook the Map for the Territory, , and Re-Imprisoned Ourselves in Our Unbearable Wrongness of Being, of Désêtre

Rethinking Aesthetics: Notes Toward a Deciphering Practice

Africa, the West and the Analogy of Culture: The Cinematic Text after Man

Is Development and Purely Empirical Concept? or is it Teleological

Beyond Liberal and Marxist Leninist Feminism: Toward an Autonomous Frame of Reference

Genital Mutilation or Symbolic Birth: Female Circumcision, Lost Origins, and the Aculturalism of Feminist: Western Thought

Sambos and Minstrels

The Pope Must Have Been Drunk

Columbus, the Ocean Blue, and Fables That Stir the Mind: To Reinvent the Study of Letters

Columbus and the Poetics of the Propter Nos

1492: An New World View

A Different Kind of Creature: Carribean Literature, The Cyclops Factor, and The Second Poetics of the Propter Nos

On Disenchanting Discourse

Beyond the Word of Man: Glissant and the New World of the Antilles

Beyond Miranda’s Meanings: Un:silencing the ‘Demonic Ground’ of Caliban’s ‘Woman’

But What Does Wonder Do? Meanings, Canons, too? on literary texts, cultural contexts, and what it’s like to be one: not one


Novel and History, Plot and Plantation

Towards the Sociogenic Principle: Fanon, The Puzzle of Conscious Experience, of “Identity” and What it’s Like to be “Black”

Proudflesh Interview (MUST READ!)

The Re-Enchantment of Humanism

Human Being as Noun? Or Being Human as Praxis?

Black Education, Towards the Human, After Man

No Humans Involved: A Letter to My Colleagues


For biographical references and intellectual history, see:

Anthony Rodriguez’s dissertation: Heretical Scripts: Sylvia Wynter and the Decolonial Atlantic


Karen Gagne’s essay On the Obsolescence of the Disciplines: Frantz Fanon and Sylvia Wynter Propose a New Mode of Being Human