Below is a series of slides for our new catalog, which will be release by the end of the month in paperback.

We’re selling it for $5.00 a copy to outside organizers, but at no charge if they are mailing it to an incarcerate comrade.  This is an honor system, please genuinely mean to send in copies to prisoners. If you do have it in your pockets, a portion of the funds generated from the catalog from outside organizations goes to Sharky’s commissary fund for doing a lot of our art and costs of communication for his and others organizing across walls. Hit us up in the DM’s or by email at (also if you want a box , we’ll swing the PayPal and Patreon links your way.

download here:

Click to access 2020-2021-catalog-completed.pdf


Thanks for all the support over the last few years. Below are some PDF downloads of works listed in our catalog that are digitized…..

9. Same Shit Different Day

15. Ivan Kilgore, Not Worker But Chattel

16. Sharky, If the Future is Now

33. We Want Bomani Shakur Free!

35. Security Culture- a handbook for activists

36. Why Misogynists Make the Best Informants

48a. WLNMP Study Guide & Student Toolkit

58. Stevie Wilson, Print Media and Prison Activism

81. The Anarkata Statement on Black Anarchist Community Organizing

129. Julia Chinyere Oparah, Maroon Abolitionists – Black Gender-Oppressed Activists in the Anti-Prison Movement in the U.S. and Canada

135. Andrea J. Richie, Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color

158. The Icarus Project, Friends Make the Best Medicine

159. The Icarus Project, Mapping Our Madness (Journaling Exercises)

161. In The Belly #1

162. Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC), Transformative – Justice and Community Accountability

163. The Art of Escalation

167. Taking Direct Action to #FreeThemAll

168. #FREEHEARTLANDKIDS Migrant Detention Center Stormed

169. COVID Info for Prisoners

170. Abdul Shakur, New Afrikan Community Emergency Response & Disaster Relief Guide

Misc. Zine – How to Start an Anarchist Black Cross