We have deep love and appreciation for JoNina Abron-Ervin and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, as friends, as comrades, as mentors. JoNina and Lorenzo are life-long organizers against policing, racist state violence, Klan terror, capital, and the prison industrial complex. There is a growing movement of support from activists, organizers, writers, scholars, and loved ones in community with the Ervins, raising funds for their move back to Tennessee.  

A crew of people have successfully been raising money for their move. Where we come in is raising funds for their stay in an “Extended Stay” motel/hotel, while they make the transition from Kansas City to Chattanooga. If anyone has access to safe temporary-stay housing that is accessible for two movement elders in the Midwest (preferably in Missouri), please contact organize.the.hood@gmail.com.

This is an emergency fundraiser!

Right now J & L need solidarity and material aid. They are former Black Panthers and have been integral to several various radical anti-racist and Black autonomous formations in the United States and internationally since the 1980s. Furthermore, Lorenzo has numerous health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, and the two of them survive on little to nothing. They are not non-profit paid activists or well-funded academics.

A member of our editorial collective a few years ago compiled and drafted The Selected Writings of Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin. This postponed project will be reactivated in 2023, and we are looking for help with printing and distribution. You can DM or email us if printing and distro is something you have the means to do.

Please support JoNina and Lorenzo anyway you can. Even if it’s only retweeting, posting, or boosting this fundraiser. They are organizers who are very much needed, loved, and cherished by an international community of struggle. We hope our efforts here contribute to increasing their capacity to do so.

Thank you for reading. Again, you may contribute by sending a donation via Paypal account at: organize.the.hood@gmail.com

Or subscribing to their Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/blackautonomy

If you send funds over CashApp or Venmo, please label the donation “J and L housing”

CashApp: $zinemachine

Venmo: @zinemachine