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My name is JoNina Abron-Ervin. My husband, Lorenzo, and I are an African-American couple in our early 70’s. We live in Kansas City, Mo., where a stay-at-home order has been in effect since March 24, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will remain in effect until at least May 15, maybe longer.

Before the pandemic, we washed our clothes weekly at a local laundromat. Yes, laundromats in Kansas City are considered essential businesses and remain open. However, we can’t go to the laundromat anymore, and we need your help. But first, let me explain why we can’t go to the laundromat or anywhere else outside our house. Due to the coronavirus just stepping outside makes matters worse, and could be a death sentence. 

Lorenzo has diabetes and other serious illnesses. Doctors throughout America say that it’s particularly dangerous for people who have compromised immune systems, which is the case with diabetes, to contract coronavirus. As elderly black people, we are already at great risk of catching COVID-19 and dying from it if we do. Now, we are in the biggest fight of our lives–the fight to stay alive.

So, a few weeks ago we had to call out for people to help us, and many of you responded with donations of money and volunteered to wash our clothes each week. We are very grateful for the excellent mutual aid network in Kansas City that has connected us with people who have volunteered to do our laundry, free of charge. There are no words to express how much this has meant to us. However, it is uncertain how long the pandemic will last. It may be weeks or even months before we can safely leave our house to wash our clothes. We don’t want to wear out the people helping us now. 

We have decided that we need a stackable washer and dryer that will fit into our kitchen ($1500). We estimate that we may need to spend up to $500 more for delivery, installation, and electrical adjustments that may be required for set-up.

Having clean clothes is a necessity for all human beings. With a washer and dryer at our house, Lorenzo and I won’t have the pressure of worrying about how to get our laundry done. And we can focus on staying alive and continuing our life-long work as community organizers or trainers.  Please help us buy a washer and a dryer.

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Our collective cherishes movement elders like Lorenzo and JoNina, and over the past few years tried our best to support their efforts to fightback as life-long organizers against policing, state violence, Klan terror, capital, and the prison industrial complex. Right now L & J need solidarity and material aid. They are former Black Panthers and have been integral to several various radical anti-racist and Black autonomous formations in the United States, and internationally since the 1980s. Furthermore, Lorenzo has numerous health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, and the two of them survive on little to nothing. They are not non-profit paid activists or well-funded academics.



Over the last two years a member of our editorial collective has been compiling and drafting the forthcoming Don’t Worship Anybody, Not Even Me: The Selected Writings of Lorenzo Kom’boa ErvinWe anticipate that the full manuscript will be finished in November 2020, and the book released by January 2021. Below is a first glimpse at the book’s working cover and table of contents. There is still a lot to be changed, and some of the contents might be left out due to spatial restrictions. However, we want to share a sneak peak of the content, to demonstrate the breadth and depth of his thinking, revolutionary organizing, and commitment to struggles for Black liberation.


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Please support Lorenzo and JoNina anyway you can. Even if its only retweeting, posting, or boosting this fundraiser. They are organizers who are very much needed, loved, and cherished by an international community of struggle. We hope our efforts here, in past, and in future contribute to increasing their capacity to do so.


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