Summer Press Update

While the third volume of PROPTER NOS is set for a late-Fall 2018 release, our collective would like to make a few announcements in the meantime:
First off, members of our collective are bouncing around this Summer, so all mail submitted will not be responded to until late August / early September. This mostly pertains to imprisoned comrades on our mailing list. So, if you know any of our readers inside, please spread the word.
Please don’t let this deter you from sending us orders and your comments/questions. Upon returning next month we will fulfill all delayed requests for journals. Since April 2017, True Leap publishing collective has distributed OVER 200 copies of Propter Nos Vol. I and II to prisoners across the country (at no charge, printed on stock paper, using black toner, in grayscale).
We’ve ran ads and our communiqué in the newsletters of a handful of allied organizations, including Black and Pink: Chicago and in “The Abolitionist” published by Critical Resistance (national). These ads and statements in turn attract requests for literature made by these organization’s incarcerated readership. Feel free to circulate this communiqué [ ] amongst your networks; a new one with a order form for pamphlets, zines, and the journal will begin circulating at the end of summer.
We also have some imprisoned comrades making photocopies and passing out the communiqué on their own, without any request to do so. This is fantastic news. Word is, imprisoned organizers in Penn, Cali, Texas, Washington, and Illinois are using the PROPTER NOS journal as a prompt for ad hoc study groups. If you know anyone incarcerated who would like a free issue, please print out and mail them this
PROPTER NOS is available for purchase in bound paperback form at 5 locations in Chicago, such as Quimby’s Bookstore or Women & Children First Bookstore, and one in San Francisco (34 Trinity Arts & News). If you know of or work for a bookstore, infoshop, or library who would like to sell or house a few hard copies, we are more than happy to split the sale on consignment.
Finally, we are a group that offers political education resources to everyone who requests it in good faith. WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE OR SUPPORT. We do not have the capacity to offer mutual aid in that way. We plan to eventually circulate a catalogue with an order form for our literature. WE ARE ALSO NOT AN ACTIVIST ORGANIZATION. Sharing intellectual resources is our collective’s primary objective at the moment, and likely in the foreseeable future.
Love and struggle,
True Leap Press
Art above by Kevin Rashid Johnson. Rashid is back imprisoned in Virginia. He continues to be targeted by officials due to his writings about abuse in prison, and so his address may change without warning. However, it is alleged he can currently receive mail at:


Kevin Johnson #1007485
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, VA 24279

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