Propter Nos. Vol. 1 Issue 1


Vol. 1 Issue 1 (Fall 2016): Reflections on the “Movement Moment”

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The goal of this first publication is to produce a space for commentary and reflection on the last half-decade of an emergent Black protest movement. Forgoing a paternalistic posture or the assumption that a “pure” form of political consciousness is attainable, our publishing collective sees the role of this publication as merely a tool among many other tools. With this publication we only wish to 1.) problematize the discourse that frames and informs the popular movement’s terms of engagement, 2.) generate modes of analysis that demystify the circulation and consumption of images of racial and sexual violence in the media, 3.) revise and revisit the three-pronged cultural project of the Black arts, aesthetics, and studies movements, 4.) provide an outlet in which information from counterintelligence operations for the Black movement against the racist capitalist state can be recorded, accumulated, and disseminated.


Chapter Outline


1.  Election Year:  “The Motto”

Ashley M. Jones

2.  Policing and the Violence of White Being

An Interview with Dylan Rodríguez

3.  When the State Commits Abortion

F. Delali Kumavie

4.  Rural Niggers

John Gillespie



6. No Pain of Our Own

Aundrey Jones

7. The Psychic Life of Blackness (Scenes of a Thinking Thing)

Marquis Bey

8.  And Once Declared Dead

Mandisa Haarhoff

9.  Devouring the Flesh: Notes Toward an Analytics of Seeing

Tyrone S. Palmer

10.  Memories of Blood. To Brother(hood) Dance and all black movers

Mlondi Zondi

11.  Untitled

mayfield brooks

12.  On the Courtesies of Order

Casey Goonan

13. Black Liberation and the Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex

An Interview with Rachel Herzing